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Welcome to the site of VASILEVS Kuril Bobtail Kennel!

Our cattery was registered in the WCF system in 2017 and is a member of the Kiev Felinological Club "Pan Kotsky".

And if you remember, how did the Vasilevs kennel begin ...

For some time my husband was probably bored! And he suggested: - let's get a kitten! I couldn't believe my ears - like a kitten? What other kitten! ?? This is how we first got to the cat show ...

We chose long and carefully - - if we start a cat, then it should be some kind of very special. How did we imagine it? Bald? No, not bald! Shaggy? Well, maybe ... Big? Uh .. Mmm .. No, not really! .. Or maybe pure black ??? Or striped? Or in chic sockets .... And now he is hooked! A wonderful tailless, nimble cat child! Looking into those smart, intelligent eyes with a mischievous imagination, the question "where did the tail go?" disappeared by itself! An extraordinary catchudo made us fall in love at first sight and forever!

We are delighted with these animals! A wild look of a lynx, powerful and graceful, and so gentle, even delicate, affectionate and friendly. An extraordinary combination! We never cease to be amazed at their intelligence and ingenuity. One cat attracted another one, and then another ... That's how the cattery was born.

And, of course, if you are engaged in breeding, then only professionally. I graduated from the Felinological courses, defended the title of "felinologist-breeder". I have registered my Kurilian Bobtail cattery Vasilevs according to the WCF system.

Breeding work in our cattery is carried out in accordance with the breed standard. We carefully select pairs to get healthy high-bred gorgeous kittens.

All our animals participating in breeding work receive high marks from experts, are among the ten best animals in their class and have the titles of Breed Champion, Inter Champion of the breed. The goal of our Cattery is to raise beautiful healthy socially adapted kittens, while maintaining the wild beauty, excellent dexterity and grace of a powerful strong graceful animal with the cutest character of a gentle cat.

Find us

Address: Ukraine, Kiev, Sosnitskaya str. 19 293
Phone: (066)972-77-32
Email: vasilevs0003@gmail.com

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